Character Traits of Ruth | Week One: Faithful

The Character Traits of Ruth








For the month of December, we will take a look at the above words in depth.  This week, we focus on the word “faithful”.


Discussion questions:

What does “faithful” mean to you?


How was Ruth faithful to Naomi?


How was Ruth faithful to the G-d of Israel?


How was she faithful to her husband even after his death?


How was Ruth faithful in following her own desires and truth, which were in direct opposition to her own culture and faith?


Words of Encouragement

When we are faithful to HaShem even when we have little, He will always provide for us what we need. Remember to be faithful in all things, all circumstances in life…all trials. On the other side of that trial is a blessing. In order to get there, we have to be purged of the dirt and filth that comes from being human.

People who have survived the greatest of trauma or situations have one thing in common. That “thing” is the desire to be positive. It is a scientific baffling truth that people who are sick yet remain happy and joyful during their sickness end up living longer and getting better quicker than those who remain in self-pity. This is due to the power of our words and thoughts.

The Bible says that we are what we say we are (paraphrased). IF you say that you are sick, depressed and can’t find joy, you will BE sick, depressed and sad. This was the case with Naomi for a little while.

Because she had been through a lot, she was down and began to speak things that were not the best for her. Thankfully she got out of this behavior once she saw Ruth getting blessed.

Ruth’s faithfulness not only helped her, but it helped Naomi as well. Due to Ruth’s faithfulness working in Boaz’s field- Boaz himself acquired of her. In addition, Naomi and Ruth were later redeemed.


Be faithful, speak joy and do what we are required to do. By doing so, we will be blessed and encouraged.


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