MY Essential Oil Journey

I got into essential oils honestly because our middle son has sensory processing disorder. Part of my own testimony of being a spiritual leader was that this part sucks. We didn’t know he had a problem and only thought he was being “bad” or very “bad” sometimes. It was only until I began homeschooling that I saw something was off with him and Baruch HaShem, found the problem. So I went online to see what helps kids with sensory and autism. 90% of moms said Lavender oil.
I am on instagram and so I hit the search button for oil and found doTERRA. The team that I contacted was very knowledgable and most of them certified in essential oils. I was so happy to try something new with my son but I was also doubtful naturally. Well, the lavender worked. And then other oils started to work for cleaning the house and aromatherapy. So I joined doTERRA to get the oils at wholesale price after I saw them work.
I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, but I do love a few other companies who have oils as well. I don’t hate on any of them and I am also not a brand “gangbanger” (you know those people who will insult you for choosing your brand…lol). I choose doTERRA because of a few reasons that touched me. I am so happy that the oils have helped our family but that I also use them at our shul for our kitchen volunteers to create a calm atmosphere. Those who have also joined my team tell me that the oils and the company really works for them as well.
DoTERRA has helped create extra income for me and others who have joined my team. It has also created a wealth of knowledge for me whenever I need a DIY recipe for cleaning the home naturally or whenever we need those health benefits. They also have quality oils. Nothing is synthetic and is all natural. Most oils are Kosher as well. I just generally love them. I also use the other products that they have now and they work awesome like the On Guard (which is like Young Living’s Thieves Oil) and the Deep blue (which is like Bengay rub) for your muscles.
If anyone wants to learn about the health benefits of using essential oils in your day-to-day routine visit I am telling you that after you use oils, you will never be the same. It starts a whole journey into a more healthy and alternative way of doing things from eating to cleaning to just living life whole.
-Rebbetzin Keturah
About the author
Rebbetzin Keturah is the wife of Rabbi Yehezqel of Congregation Melech Yisrael in Toronto, ON Canada. Congregation Melech Yisrael (CMY) was founded in 1976 and is Canada's oldest Messianic Synagogue. It is located right in the middle of the largest Jewish population in Toronto. Rebbetzin Keturah is a photographer, author, blogger & full-time mom. She loves to craft & knit as well as read a good plot. She also loves a great movie, music and relaxing!!!! Visit us at today!

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