The Kosher Pet Life

Ever wonder what we should feed our pets? Has it ever cross your mind of what is the “kosher” pet food standard for your furry ones?

This subject wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. Until, I saw an article about the kosher pet food commandments.

I would love to share what I’ve learned, so the Kosher Pet Food Fact Sheet was born. This will list all the information on what we can and cannot feed our pets during the whole year-round and Passover.

Click here or image below to download the information sheet.

Based on the information, we must be aware of ingredients that are listed in the pet food. There is some pet food that are not safe and we must be well aware if there are any recalls. Hopefully this small guide will help you, as it helped me and my fur ball Rocky.

For more information, regarding pet foods and being kosher, visit Kashruth Council of Canada: Kosher Certification Agency. If you have any Halakhic questions regarding Pesach, always remember to consult your local Rabbi.

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