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The Great Challah Bake



Experience “The Great Challah Bake” with Rebbetzin Keturah on behalf of the CMY Sisterhood & Nishmati Ministries:

Ladies join us as we learn about the woman’s role in ushering in the Shabbat, create your own challah & fellowship with our CMY sisterhood during a light brunch.

$10 Sisterhood donation (Sign in with Cheryl) RSVP by Oct 28, 2018.

For those ladies who can not make it locally, we will have Free online streaming via Zoom conference with downloadable PDFs so that you can participate and make your own challah at home.

A short presentation will follow the Challah bake featuring one of our own ladies who has her own Scentsy shop as we continue to promote the atmosphere of encouragement for our ladies who also are small business owners. We try to help promote them after each event to foster love and a sense of community within CMY.

Links will be posted on Facebook & www.nishmati.com the same week.

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