The Great Challah Bake


Experience “The Great Challah Bake” with Rebbetzin Keturah on behalf of the CMY Sisterhood & Nishmati Ministries:

Ladies join us as we learn about the woman’s role in ushering in the Shabbat, create your own challah & fellowship with our CMY sisterhood during a light brunch.

$10 Sisterhood donation (Sign in with Cheryl) RSVP by Oct 28, 2018.

For those ladies who can not make it locally, we will have Free online streaming via Zoom conference with downloadable PDFs so that you can participate and make your own challah at home.

A short presentation will follow the Challah bake featuring one of our own ladies who has her own Scentsy shop as we continue to promote the atmosphere of encouragement for our ladies who also are small business owners. We try to help promote them after each event to foster love and a sense of community within CMY.

Links will be posted on Facebook & the same week.

5779 Women’s Torah Portion Card

The new sweet year has begun and we hope you had an amazing high holidays. This is my favourite time of the year and this Shabbat, we are starting from the beginning – Parashat Bereshis.

I always look forward to reset once again and see what G-d has in store for my life this year. Going back from the beginning is such a blessing. There is alway something new to learn or be reminded from each Parashat.

Here at Nishmati, we would love to share you our free 5779 Women’s Torah Portion PDF Card, available on the CMY website.

Click here to download the PDF. If you are in the Toronto area, you can pick up a card at CMY.

We hope this is a great tool for you to follow in the year 5779.


Happy Sukkot!

From our Nishmati team, have a wonderful Sukkot.

Fall For These Inspiring Modest Fashion

One of my favourite season is almost. You guessed it…FALL!  Smelling the scent of pumpkin, seeing colourful leaves falling gracefully from tree gives me a sign that it’s time to take out my boots and scarves.

I love this season and the fashion. So take out those sweaters and grab a cup of pumpkin flavoured coffee and check out our Pinterest board for this fall. Click on the link below.

Have a wonderful and safe fall and high holidays.

Pinterest Style

60 Days of Psalms Summer Bible Study

60 Days of Psalms Summer Bible Study

Join us as a community as we read through the Book of Psalms this Summer. The schedule will run from July until September (High Holy Days excluded) to prepare our hearts for the next Jewish year.

We are asking the ladies to read 2 Psalms a day and to reflect on them. We will post discussion questions, thoughts and insight about some of the Psalms as we go along as well as schedule a few Zoom Conferences where we can discuss them as a community. Rebbetzin has picked a few lucky ladies to oversee the discussions so that our entire online community can share their insight!

Look forward to our study!


Zoom Online Meeting Registration Here!

Ladies Only,

You are invited to a Zoom Online Bible Study meeting.

Future Summer Meetings Schedule:

When: Sep 2, 2018 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering for each meeting, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting (such as your password). You must register to each meeting separate in order to join in on the online meetings.


Bible Study Notes HERE! – July 22nd, 2018


Images of HaShem in the Psalms Graphics & Notes Click HERE! – Rebbetzin Keturah – August 2018


Daily Living the Psalms Handout- September 2018


Daily Reading Schedule


Psalms 1 & 2                     July 15th

Psalms 3 & 4                     July 16th

Psalms 5 & 6                     July 17th

Psalms 7 & 8                     July 18th

Psalms 9 & 10                   July 19th

Psalms 11 & 12                 July 20th

Psalms 13 & 14                 July 21st

Psalms 15 & 16                 July 22nd   Zoom Online Conference “Discussion #1”  Sunday @10:30 am

Psalms 17 & 18                 July 23rd

Psalms 19 & 20                 July 24th

Psalms 21 & 22                 July 25th

Psalms 23 & 24                 July 26th

Psalms 25 & 26                 July 27th

Psalms 27 & 28                 July 28th

Psalms 29 & 30                 July 29th

Psalms 31 & 32                 July 30th

Psalms 33 & 34                 July 31st

Psalms 35 & 36                 August 1st

Psalms 37 & 38                 August 2nd

Psalms 39 & 40                 August 3rd

Psalms 41 & 42                 August 4th

Psalms 43 & 44                 August 5th  Zoom Online Conference “Discussion #2”  Sunday @10:30 am

Psalms 45 -47                   August 6th

Psalms 48 – 50                   August 7th

Psalms 51- 53                    August 8th

Psalms 54 & 55                 August 9th

Psalms 56 – 58                   August 10th

Psalms 59 & 60                 August 11th

Psalms 61 -63                   August 12th

Psalms 64 & 65                 August 13th

Psalms 66 -68                   August 14th

Psalms 69 & 70                 August 15th

Psalms 71 -73                   August 16th

Psalms 74 & 75                 August 17th

Psalms 76 – 78                   August 18th

Psalms 79 & 80                 August 19th  Zoom Online Conference “Discussion #3”  Sunday @10:30 am

Psalms 81- 83                    August 20th

Psalms 84 -86                   August 21st

Psalms 87 & 88                 August 22nd

Psalms 89 & 90                 August 23rd

Psalms 91 -93                   August 24th

Psalms 94- 96                    August 25th

Psalms 97 & 98                August 26th

Psalms 99 & 100               August 27th

Psalms 101 – 103               August 28th

Psalms 104 – 106               August 29th

Psalms 107 & 108              August 30th

Psalms 109 & 110              August 31st

Psalms 111 – 113              September 1st

Psalms 114 – 115              September 2nd  Zoom Online Conference “Discussion #4”  Sunday @10:30 am

Psalms 116 – 118              September 3rd

Psalms 119 & 120            September 4th

Psalms 121 & 122            September 5th

Psalms 123 – 126             September 6th

Psalms 127 – 129             September 7th

Psalms 130 & 131           September 8th


-Rebbetzin Keturah

May 2018 Bible Study Notes & Link


The Zoom meeting for the Bible Study is below.

When: May 3, 2018 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Password: Shalom2018

Bible Study Notes Click Here!

To The Inspiring Mother

Mothers are treasures to the world. They are filled with strength, beauty, and love. You have inspire us, hopefully this will inspire you.

We have created three Mother’s Day digital package, which contains wallpapers for your desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile. Click on the following links below to download your free digital wallpaper package.


Desktop // Tablet // Mobile


Super Mom

Desktop // Tablet // Mobile




Desktop // Tablet // Mobile

On behalf of the Nishmati Team, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Decluttering your Email & Digital Mess

For me, I can testify that having a cluttered computer makes me loose focus on my work because I have to constantly re-find files or go through multiple (same) files to get to the most current one. And to further put myself out there- because I am busy, my email inboxes get cluttered with unread emails and spam or promotions that can often get leave attended for months at a time. I currently have 13,000 unread emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On top of this, my husband hates to see my desktop (the place I save my “go-to” files) lol.

So for me, a photographer and graphics design- the computer is my best friend. However, it can be a love-hate relationship when I leave those cluttered files unattended to. So join me as I clean my digital mess over the next month.

As we approach our May 2018 Bible Study on “Decluttering your Life”, here are a few links to help you in an area that most people skip (or don’t even think about) – your digital mess.

-Rebbetzin Keturah


The 13 Step Digital Declutter


How to Easily Clean & Organize Your Digital Files


It’s ‘Clean Out Your Computer’ day. Here’s how to declutter your computer in 4 steps.


Manage & Organize Email & Other Digital Info

#NishmatiGiveaway – Cookbooks

We have our first giveaway and here is your chance to win 1 of 2 cookbooks.


1. Follow our Instagram, YouTube, or/and Facebook page (extra entry if you follow all 3 pages)

Here’s the link of our pages:




2. Like one of our video/photo that has a hashtag #NishmatiGiveaway

3. Comment on one of our contest photo and answer this question: what is your favourite food to make?

4. Tell us which prize you’d like to win (Starters&Sides or Kids Cooking)

***There will be only 2 winners (Starters&Sides Cookbook winner and a Kids Cooking Cookbook winner). Winners will be announced during our May Bible Study.

****GIVEAWAY will end on May 2nd at 11:59PM EST

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) – Neutral Monochrome Spring Wear

Spring weather is finally here in Toronto! I was waiting for this moment to start wearing my heels instead of boots. I am a neutral colour kind of gal, so I wanted to pull of something minimal monochrome look for this past Shabbat. Hope you all like it!


Felted Wool Brown Hat – H&M

Hair – Natural Waves

Makeup – “No-Makeup” look

Brown Shirt – Forever 21

Ashen Gabrielle Midi Skirt – Wilfred/Artiza

Monaco 2 Tan Heels – Franco Sarto

Accessories – Black Hair Tie, Pandora Eternal Clouds Ring, & Pandora Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Nail Colour – OPI Staying Neutral


Style Guide

What I love doing is to pick a hero or two of my clothing piece. My hero pieces are my midi skirt from Wilfred and the wool hat from H&M.

I really wanted to wear my brown wool hat, so I decided to use the colour as a base in my outfit of the day. I wanted to do a similar tone in my outfit for this past Shabbat, so I decided to grab a 3/4 sleeved shirt from Forever 21 that best matched the hat. Thankfully I had a shirt that had a similar tone to it.

I love this midi skirt from Wilfred. It’s comfortable and drapes beautifully. It has pockets! And when a skirt has pockets, it wins my heart. I chose this neutral grey colour because it goes will with different outfit combination. It is a beautiful piece that I own and it’s perfect for all season.

The oldest piece that I own from this outfit are my heels from Franco Sarto. These wedges are my go-to and I wear them almost everyday during the spring, summer, and fall. Hm…I may need to replace it with a new pair…Anyways, when I say I love these wedges, what I am really saying is I LOVE THESE WEDGES! They are super comfortable and so stylish. I am a wedges type of gal. I find wedges are heels that won’t make you tired, uncomfortable and won’t let you sink on grass like regular heels. I choose a neutral beige colour because it can go with many outfits.

The best thing I’ve done with my collection of wardrobe is to see if I can have multiple use of it. I usually stick with basics because I tend to find more use to it.

See…modesty can be done in a stylish way! Hope you enjoy my outfit of the day and will be posting more soon in the coming weeks.