Conversations with Nikki | EP6: Power of Rejoicing

How should I rejoice or when can I rejoice? Is it possible to take joy during trails and tribulation? This week on Conversations with Nikki, we will focus on the power of rejoicing.

Conversations with Nikki | EP3: HaShem’s Plan for a Happy Marriage

Welcome back to our series “Conversations with Nikki”.

What is HaShem’s plan for a happy marriage? What is marriage? Is marriage for me? Tune in as Nikki breaks down the concept of Marriage.

NEW Bible Study Series for 2019 – “The Sanctuary Series”

Nishmati presents its 2019 Bible Study Series, “The Sanctuary”, which features the “21 Days” Winter Bible study and the “Balance” Spring Bible study.

Last year we focused on Women of the Bible and featured studies on “The Book of Ruth” & “The Book of Esther”. In this new year, we listened to the urgent cry of our viewers who said that they felt overwhelmed in life or felt burden by the tasks of the world, social pressures and so forth. So, “The Sanctuary” was created.

As we journey into a new year when people begin to make resolutions and life changes, let’s also learn to take a break or rest and fast from things that either do not benefit our bodies and from things that are draining us.

“21 Days” is a call to women to focus on having good mental health and clarity. It is also a great Bible study for anyone under the pressure to fit in or keep up on social media, with friends or the woman that is always saying “yes” or doing too much at her place of worship. If we do not rest, we create a recipe for unhealthy thoughts, self-esteem and more- such as craving for attention or the tendency to compare our lives with others.

“Balance” takes these lessons a step forward by applying them to our work-home lives and relationships. Learn how creating boundaries can help you and how decluttering our minds & homes can create a balance for us, mentality, physically and spiritually.  When we are cluttered, we can’t hear HaShem. Let’s unwind, relax and learn to let go.

According to national studies, it takes 21 days to break a habit. Let’s use “21 Days” to rest, fast from things we don’t need, so we can enjoy life and learn to hear HaShem speak to our hearts. And then let’s move forward to “Balance” our lives so that we can live a life with a renewed mind and be a light to others around us.


The Sanctuary Series comes in two bundle sets- one for Winter and one for Spring. Items within the bundle are exclusive to that set and are not available for individual purchase except for the Study Guide. Please note the deadlines for ordering if you want to receive your materials on time. – Nishmati



She’s Still There Group Bible Study Series – Session Two MEMBERS ONLY

The Great Challah Bake Notes

The Great Challah Bake Notes are here! Download the pdf’s below


Notes #1

Challah Blessing

Adina’s Easy Challah Recipe



5779 Women’s Torah Portion Card

The new sweet year has begun and we hope you had an amazing high holidays. This is my favourite time of the year and this Shabbat, we are starting from the beginning – Parashat Bereshis.

I always look forward to reset once again and see what G-d has in store for my life this year. Going back from the beginning is such a blessing. There is alway something new to learn or be reminded from each Parashat.

Here at Nishmati, we would love to share you our free 5779 Women’s Torah Portion PDF Card, available on the CMY website.

Click here to download the PDF. If you are in the Toronto area, you can pick up a card at CMY.

We hope this is a great tool for you to follow in the year 5779.