Chat Room Info


Our Chatrooms are available during Events and Bible Studies.

We have two options for chatting. One is the “Fellowship Room”, which automatically loads when you log in.  You may fellowship with each other here. The second room is strictly for Bible Study times. This room is strictly for posting questions and thoughts about the subject matter of the studies. You must register in order to participate in the chatroom. For security purposes, we do not allow guest logins. You may use whatever name or fun nickname that you go by…have fun.

You can access these two chatrooms by clicking on the icon on the top left side or menu- whichever one your computer shows. This reveals a side panel. In this panel, you will see “ROOMS”. You may access either room here and switch as you please.

A Few Rules:

  • We ask that you be respectful as we have a strong delete and block ministry. If our admins see something “trolly”, we delete without question to protect all of our lovely viewers. If someone trolls more than two times, we block. 🙂


  • We also do not approve in our chatroom of the use of any form of “YAHWEH” YAHUAHAH”, etc. names that are taught by most Two-House/Hebraic Roots believers.  We also do not use the word “Jehovah”. Outside of the chatroom in real life, you can call G-d whatever you want but we have decided to “X” out these forms due to our theological beliefs as taught by Rabbi Yehezqel of CMY. You may, however, use the names of G-d in the traditional Jewish and known Christian forms… such as “Adonai” “G-d” L-rd” “Yeshua or Y’shua, Christ, Messiah, Moshiach, Mashiach, Elohim, HaShem, etc.


  • When posting, we prefer that you do not upload or post links outside of CMY teachings. If you need to help someone, there is a function in the chatroom for private messages. One reason why we try to discourage links is that EVERYONE is a source or expert nowadays on the internet and everything may not be kosher. It may sound good, but it may not be a kosher teaching. If you would like to sit under Rabbi Yehezqel and me as your teachers, please let us direct you to outside resources as wisdom directs. Sometimes, the best information- is none at all. Start with the info that we are giving you and grow from there. 🙂


  • In addition, please be aware that we serve women from around the world. They may not speak English as well, or type in Capitals or they may say things that may seem imperfect to you. Some are listening or typing using a translator. Please be patient with each other in a sisterly way that is uplifting so that everyone can walk away knowing that Nishmati is a place of love. Remember, we all come from various backgrounds and religions, your sister’s walk may not be yours so please respect her journey. Also remember, to a new person- you represent this ministry, please represent Rabbi and me in the best witness that you can.


  • Lastly, if anyone needs counsel or have issues with our teachings, we prefer that they come straight to the source. Try not to debate or speak on our behalf unless you are a ministry leader at CMY.  And if anyone needs prayer, please direct them to the prayer page so that our prayer team can assist.

In short, be nice and don’t be weird. Thanks for understanding our rules of fellowship. 🙂

Bible Study Etiquette:

If you have not noticed by now (or if you are new to Rabbi Yehezqel and I’s style of teaching), we only answer questions relating to the subject matter. We do this to avoid what we call “rabbit holes and trails”- which are things that lead people away from the subject and/or things that divide or cause strife for no other reason than pride. 🙂 So please be aware of this when posting and if you have any questions that are not related to what we are discussing, you may send us an email to regarding any theology question at hand or to for any female related question.

Enjoy the Chat Room!

-Rebbetzin Keturah