Welcome to Nishmati online where FAITH is a LIFESTYLE. Our goal here at Nishmati is to teach women that the best way to SHINE their light in this world, is to fully integrate faith within the HOME, WORK, and COMMUNITY so that they can become WOMEN who are FEARLESS, FABULOUS and VIRTUOUS. At Nishmati.com, women from all over the globe are able to be INSPIRED every day with BIBLICAL teaching and MOTIVATING encouragement that CAPTIVATES the soul. The word “Nishmati” literally means “my soul” and this site caters to the souls of all believing Women from all walks of life and backgrounds. Realizing that a void exists in her style and type of teaching for Messianic women, Keturah began to walk into her calling in 2015, using her talents and life experiences to teach women to be fabulous women of God instead of women who live in regret with no purpose.

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Espanol- Wrapunzel Tutorial – Suerte de Principiantes (Beginner´s Luck)

Liona lleva : Wrapunzel Singnatur Shaper http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/the-… Class Act (dark blue) http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/clas… Wrapunzel – Inspirando Felicidad Creemos que cada mujer es infinitamente hermosa y que esa hermosura puede ser expresada a través del arte de los pañuelos de cabeza. Creado en 2013 por Andrea Grinberg como un recurso para mujeres judías casadas, Wrapunzel, ha crecido […]

Headwrap review & tutorial – Wrapunzel

The ‘Wendy’ Beret Volumizer: http://wrapunzel.com/product/the-wend… Flutter By (brown): http://wrapunzel.com/product/flutter-by/ Dewdrop Sparkle (grey): http://wrapunzel.com/product/dewdrop-… 2 in 1 (purple): http://wrapunzel.com/product/2-in-1s/ Sari Scarf: http://wrapunzel.com/product/sari-hea… Wrapunzel ~ Inspire Happiness We believe that every woman is infinitely beautiful, and that this beauty can be expressed through the art of head scarves. Created in 2013 by Andrea Grinberg as a resource […]

Wrapunzel: 10 Pashmina Tutorials!

Wrapunzel Published on Oct 13, 2016 No-Slip Headband, volumizers and undergarments: http://www.wrapunzel.com/product-cate… #1: Lakeshore Bliss (green): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/lake… #2: Layers of Love (brown/black): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/laye… #3: Wrapunzel Signature Scarf (dark w/turquoise): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/wrap… #4: Class Act (teal): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/clas… #5: Solid Pashmina ~ Summer Colors (silvery neutral): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/soli… #6: Peaceful Mornings (silver/brown): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/peac… #7: Original Tapestry (navy/berry): http://www.wrapunzel.com/product/orig… #8: […]