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    Outfit of the Day (OOTD) – Modest Casual Winter/Fall Fashion

    Outfit of the Day (OOTD) – Modest Casual Winter/Fall Fashion


    Striped Long sleeve shirt- Old Navy

    Army Green Poncho- Chiaramente

    Ripped Boyfriend Jeans- Jordache

    Camel color Rider Boots- Shoedazzle

    Handbag: Calvin Klein Tote

    Scarf- Vintage scarf made in Italy

    Hair: Very Messy Bun

    Style Guide:

    A fun poncho is a great piece to have for anyone of any style and age. It is warm, it covers areas you may want to hide or if you have problem areas- like a tummy lol it conceals and evens the shape.

    Adding details like the striped long shirt breaks the color up and gives the outfit a modern look. I like to play with different textures and patterns. Using the sleeves as the focal point and the dark army green color of the poncho, you get to add dimension and texture without going overboard with patterns.

    The jeans-  who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans. Boyfriend jeans are the way to go for anyone who fears to have their pants look too tight or pants that will not cover you if you bend or sit down (no one wants to sit behind someone who doesn’t know that their pants are not covering certain areas lol). Boyfriend jeans are also loose enough to give you a great comfy fit and casual enough to rock with a nice blouse or a t-shirt. If you flip the bottom hems, you can also wear these jeans with heels for a more posh look.

    Rider boots are super AWESOME!!! You slide them on. End of story. To have rider boots in a neutral camel color means that they will fit with almost anything. Camel is also a color that is posh and makes anything looks put together even if you are not trying.

    The tote bag can be used as a laptop bag, a carry-on, a diaper bag, a shopping tote, and so forth and so on. It is also in a nice camel and dark brown that is easy to match with almost any style of clothing. I love this tote because it literally carries anything and doesn’t get too heavy.

    The messy bun is the way to go when in a rush but still want to look cute. It is playful and youthful. Just flip your head over, grab the hair and lightly twist into a half bun. Then tie it into place with a long elastic. To puff it out, slowly pull pieces to make it fuller being carefully not to completely take the bun down. The last step of this hair look is to grab your favorite lightweight scarf and tie it like a headband. You can leave the tails down in the back or wrap it around like I did and form a nice bow in the front. -Add sunglasses if you wish. Now you look hip and cool for those wintery days where you can’t get too cute because the snow is 20 cm high!

    For more OOTD and fashion advice, check back in with us from time to time!