Volunteer on our Staff!!! Seeking Positions to Fill!!


  • A bible study guide on the house every time they are released while you remain a volunteer as well as early access to certain products before the public.
  • You will also receive the entirety of Rabbi Yehezqel’s teachings from 5777 in MP3 audio so that you can continue to grow spiritually.
  •  Receive special Staff rates for yourself during Nishmati’s Women Conferences when they become available.
  • Your own private area within the website with its own access password as well as access to our Facebook Nishmati Staff Group page.


  1. Fill out the form below and submit your resume.
  2. Pass the interview
  3. Attend Online Training with Rebbetzin
  4. Be of good character as taught in the New Testament- Titus 2, fruits of the spirit, a woman of wise counsel, compassionate, and a woman of valor as taught in Proverbs 31. If married- must submit to husband and if single must be living for the L-rd.
  5. Assistant Position: You need to have a general knowledge of the Bible, enough to assist and help if applying for the Online Secretary/Assistant Volunteer Position. You must also have general computer and email knowledge along with Office software experience. The Assistant position needs to be filled by someone confident enough to speak to others on behalf of Nishmati and take full authority when needed.
  6. Social Media Team: have knowledge of various social media outlets such as how to post, add images as well as market, influence others and promote the ministry. Will be responsible for moderating social media accounts, approving and blocking when needed. You will also be in contact with viewers and subscribers on behalf of the ministry. Will also assist with the sending out of the monthly newsletter.
  7. Translators: Must have bilingual skills enough to translate into the following languages: Spanish, Hebrew, French, Russian, Tagalog, Mandarin, Portuguese and any of the African languages. Must be able to access Office documents and have an email address to communicate back and forth with the Nishmati team.

Rabbi Yehezqel of CMY, our spiritual covering, teaches a traditional Jewish Messianic shul that believes in Judaism as it is taught within the Jewish world. We teach Judaism within a Messianic viewpoint and in doing such, we teach from all Jewish sources and oral laws and traditions of the Torah. We do not abandon the Rabbis and sages like some Messianic circles. In applying for these volunteer positions, you agree and stand with us in this view. Please do not apply if you belong to a congregation that may not support our view if it will be a hindrance to your relationship to your spiritual covering locally. We teach submission to spiritual leaders, even if they may view or believe differently than we do. You must always have peace and be in good standing with your own congregation. Please pray if you are lead to volunteer with us.


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